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Preserve your stories and share as you choose!

Preserve Your Story with Mapping

From language to culture to important historical and current community locations, Digital Cultural Maps or Traditional Knowledge Maps are intended to preserve important cultural and geographic data online to be protected for generations. Elephant Thoughts has created unique software solely for the purpose of enabling communities globally to preserve their stories and share as they wish. Data collected through interviews with elders and community members will capture and protect this valuable information while offering the opportunity for youth to educate themselves and others.

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Map your Community

Plug in your markers and add your locations.  You can preserve everything from nature sites, special places, culturally relevant locales, historic landmarks and geographic boundaries.  As the administrator you decide what information is viewed publicly.   This map is for you to create, enjoy and share!  

Who can use this application?

Communities globally can use this software to create their own online map or Elephant Thoughts teachers can help. Either way the information is the property of the community that creates it and up to the community to decide who sees it and which parts to share.

How is our application being used?

See how communities have used this software to create their own map of important cultural locations.

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Elephant Thoughts is a unique group of diverse and passionate educators determined to enable the highest standards of education regardless of geographic or socio-economic barriers. Our presence has been felt around the globe and our partnerships with Indigenous communities everywhere have been some of our most innovative and effective to date.

We work through collaboration. We build on requests from the communities we partner with fostering the growth and development they envision. STEM related education is at the heart of our deliverables. As part of this our team teaches coding and robotics applications, digital media and digital production in an accessible, hands-on and engaging manner.

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